Iran Fact-Finders (Records)

“Iran Fact Finders” are a group of citizens who monitor political events, media and Iranian society. The goal is – with the help of all resources and possibilities – to expose and question false reports, incorrect (/inaccurate) framing and misleading information and to compare them with the known facts that are published intentionally or unintentionally and can harm Iranian citizens.

Our vision: we endeavor to present a real and true picture of events in Iran based on journalistic research and to reach out to traditional and social media with our work. We want to use the tools at our disposal to make the voices of the voiceless more audible, especially in view of the influential non-Iranian English-language media as well as the international supporters (and lobbyists) of the Islamic Republic.

Our understanding of values: Iran fact-finders are one step ahead of the media and their relevant (/used) methods. We have no financial, ideological or confidential ties to other countries or groups. We adhere to and orient ourselves by the freedom of the word (/speech), as a global and universal human principle anchored in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our guiding (/ruling) principle is the commitment to truth and the protection of human values.

Iran Fact-Finders (records) is a non-profit group of citizens. We are going to cover the real news and events of Iran aiming to enlighten the people and media of the world. A large part of our activity is dedicated to the investigation of media reflections (media coverage) of events related to Iran in the media, think tanks and international forums (/assemblies).

We try to collect the false and misleading information, to test their trustworthiness and put them under question. Moreover, we attempt to shed light on the origin and motive of publishing the fake news from the media-university stream. We know that the Islamic Republic of Iran has reflected the events inversely (or flipped the events)  related to Iran in front of the international public opinion (eyes) to an indescribable extent by sending its personnel in the role of journalists, university professors, political activists, civil activists, etc. It does so in parallel with suppressing the people and intellectuals inside the country. We are trying to be the voice of those Iranians who do not have media, official platform and financial resources and the world does not hear their cries (voices).

“Iran Fact-Finders” does not have any financial, intellectual, or confidential affiliation with countries and political groups and invites all people, groups and networks who are willing to reveal the suppressed truth of Iranians from the journalists who sails under false colours.

We appreciate your help in advance.